Today was voting day. Did you vote? The polls are usually open till 8pm, so there’s still time if you’ve forgotten. Lucky for me, there’s almost no one ever in our polling location when we go before work, since our “before work” is other people’s “after lunch break”.

Now, there is a position in our district that… honestly, I don’t even remember what it is. I’m pretty sure that it’s a created position just to make the voting sheets look more full. I mean, seriously, it’s not even as important as Town Council. It’s one of those positions that I would not stir my little finger to vote for or against if it didn’t have much more important positions on the ballot as well. One of those positions that I would happily vote to abolish on the principle of not paying people to do useless things.

Here’s the thing, when we first moved to this district, the person who currently holds that position was one of the people doing the shaking hands thing. We didn’t realize this at first as he looked like a sour faced businessman holding a conversation with someone else while blocking the door into the polling room- until he stopped us to shake our hands and ask for our vote. I thought that was pretty cool so we asked him who he was (remember, our polling place is dead at 1pm, so it was kinda cool to actually have a politician in such a small place). He actually looked offended and rolled his eyes when my husband wished him luck.

When we went to vote, we found out why he had such a dumb attitude about being wished luck- he was the only candidate!

We haven’t seen him since, but we continually get mailings about all that he’s done (er, “helped”- seriously, if you have to say “helped” and “assisted” for what you claim responsibility for, it means that you didn’t do jack), and every voting day I anxiously look for a competing candidate and joke about writing my own name in, or even running for whatever office it is just to give an alternative. The dude is an arrogant jerk- which is no different from any other politician except for two things. 1.) we’ve actually met this one, and 2.) good politicians know how to put on a decent gloss. If you don’t know how to call taking a dump “assisting in efficient waste management”, then you don’t belong in politics.

This year, I thought it was rather funny that this candidate had upped his mailings and even had lawn signs out. As far as I know, he has NEVER had to run against anyone and yet continuously campaigned. But he’d never gone this far- you’d almost think he was an actual politician! On the way to the polling location, my husband kept saying that he was voting a straight ticket, and I would reply that I am too “unless there’s an alternative!”. Seriously, I would vote for the other party if I thought they had a good candidate for any of the positions that I was voting for. This year, they don’t. The other side SERIOUSLY sucks- worse than usual. Except  for one guy…

Hubs and I were stationed next to each other, and while I was fiddling around with my paper (I’m the type that will read the instructions 3 times just to make sure that I’m not screwing up somehow) and my husband said “ooooooh, baaaaabyyyyy.” I looked. I squealed. I literally said “Yay!” something like 5 times (thank goodness no one else was actually using the booths at the moment.) And I filled in the box, very carefully and thoroughly, next to the other guy’s name.

Now, given that most people vote on a straight ticket, I don’t expect that that vote will mean anything. But, maybe, just maybe, there were a few other people who said “yay!”. Maybe there were a few people who didn’t vote a straight ticket, and when they saw an alternative to the incumbant, they voted for the new guy- either on principle (like, I believe in term limits), or because they met the *** too. Fingers crossed- I just wish that the news stations would pick up on the little guy elections too, because I’ll probably never know if the new guy won or not.

How about you? Have you ever crossed party lines for personal reasons, or do you always vote in line with your party on candidates that you haven’t thoroughly researched? (Obviously if you thoroughly research each candidate and still always vote in party, this doesn’t apply.)

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2 Responses to “I Voted For “The Other Guy””
  1. I typically stick to party lines, but I have voted across party lines because of certain issues. That was back when I was first voting, though, and there were things like pro-choice Republicans and other types that would be unheard of now.
    .-= TripleZmom (formerly Jerseygirl89)´s last blog ..Happy Birthday- Hugmonkey =-.

  2. Too true- the PC thing now seems to be to stick strictly within your party’s ideals. Ah well, it comes and it goes. Once everyone is so firmly entrenched in towing the line, the next big thing will be to break out and be the “rebel”. Then THAT becomes standard, and there’s a call to box yourself in again. I probably should go find out what that guy was running for. He lost, but if he runs again next time around, I’d like to know if it was a good idea to vote for him or not. :-D

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